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“I did my first public speaking workshop with Phil about 3 years ago and from the outset I felt that my skills improved substantially. About a year later I did some more training and gained further invaluable improvement on my overall communication skills.

Recently I was asked to deliver a key note speech to about 100 small business owners. I immediately approached Phil to refresh my skills and I am very glad that I did – at the first one-on-one session Phil gave me the confidence to put down my notes and coached me to speak from the heart and interact with the audience. As the whole training was recorded on video it was easy to see the dramatic improvement in my delivery. On the day I felt confident and although the nerves were never completely relaxed, I was able to deliver a great 20 minute speech to an attentive audience who didn’t hesitate to praise me during the Q&A session that followed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Phil to anyone looking at acquiring public speaking skills or improving their current skills. I am now looking forward to doing future presentations.”  

Patrick Marion, Director, Citiwide Homeloans


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What makes Phil's training and presentations so different

“Phil’s training is actually fun! He makes you feel really comfortable in a situation where you would usually be completely out of your comfort zone.” - Jess Lowther, Manager & Graphic Designer, Sidedoor

 “Phil Schibeci has conducted memorable and inspiring presentations on motivation and goal achievement. His exercises and self effacing humour have made a most       positive impression! Phil has a great energy and ability to hold the audience’s attention. - Bill Patterson, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. Mind – Body Solutions.

“Phil’s programme was the best training for Self Development that I have ever done....”Brendon Considine, Director, Secon Freight Logistics.


Phil Schibeci is a renowned speaker, author and mentor. During the last 21 years Phil has empowered organisations and individuals, both personally and professionally, to achieve their peak performance in public speaking, communication and leadership.
Phil teaches professionals in various businesses and organisations the skills to create a passionate workplace so that enthusiastic staff can all work towards achieving the goals of their business.

Phil has a rich history of experiences to draw upon. He has studied stand up comedy and trained with some of the most powerful presenters and trainers on the planet, and even stayed in a Buddhist monastery. He has helped high profile public figures, CEOs and senior managers, business owners, teachers, students and even parents achieve amazing results. 

In his first book, How to Get Out of The RUT Race, Phil has put together a practical guide that provides readers with the tools to get out of a rut and achieve major life and business goals. This book will inspire you to take control of your life and your business, reconnect with your passion and enthusiasm and achieve all your professional and personal goals.

Phil’s second book, Self Made, is a joint venture with seven other Australian business owners sharing their secrets for long-term success.

In his third book, 5 Steps to Speaking Success, Phil shares his insights and lessons from his 21-year journey as a speaker and workshop trainer. He also offers his five simple steps to take the time and pain out of preparing for any presentation. In this book you will discover the secret to turning the fear of public speaking into fun.

Phil's book: How to Get Out of The Rut Race

"A must read!"

The Rut Race

The Rut Race is a state of mind, which we can slip in and out of at any time. The trick is to recognise when you are in it and know how to get out. 

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