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Helping Businesses create more productive and enjoyable workplaces.


Many workplaces have difficulty dealing with internal gossip, personality clashes and conflict,

as well as challenging clients and customers.


Create the workplace you want through the power of Communication

  • Is your team not functioning to its greatest potential?
  • Do you find it a challenge to give your staff effective feedback?
  • Are misunderstandings and confusion costing your organisation time and money?

"Learn how to tell people they are doing something you don't like, in a way that doesn't upset them!"


"It's a great workshop to learn about different skills to confront someone about a problem and not to trigger an argument."

Caryn Tan, Campaign Specialist Lead, Responsys Pty Ltd.

Most people think effective communication is only about talking. The real power in communication and getting the results you want comes from your ability to assertively speak and assertively listen. Without these tools in your toolbox of communication skills your organisation will struggle to meet its goals and objectives.

This powerful communication programme will provide those tools.

“I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their communication, especially in the work environment or family/relationship.
The course gives you the tools to communicate at a higher level and teaches you conflict resolution. It gives you the ability to listen and as a result achieve amazing outcomes. Phil’s interactive style allows the group to work to a deeper level creating a unique bond amongst the group. Great outcomes flow from that, as we all experienced.”
Brendon Considine, Director, Secon Freight Logistics.


I don't teach the theory of communication!

I only teach the skills that I use in my daily life both professionally and personally to develop effective and lasting relationships with the people that matter.

I also use lots of role plays as a learning tool using the course participant's current issues and challenges.

Typically my workshops run over 2 full days or 3 half days.

If you want to know more about how I can help you and your staff grow and develop as powerful communicators so you can resolve your own conflicts and create more productive and enjoyable workplace please give me a call and have a chat about your needs and I will listen and then offer you the best possible solution, from my 21 years of experience, that will help your business be more productive.

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"Helping the world communicate"

Listen like you've never heard before and speak like you've never spoken before!

Before becoming a fulltime speaker and facilitator Phil spent twenty five years working in the corporate world. During this time he noticed that the success of a project didn’t rely so much on people’s specific industry expertise, qualifications or knowledge but more on how effectively the team communicated with each other and with key stakeholders, suppliers, clients and customers.

As a result of this the Mastery in Communication Training programme was developed.


In-house Communication Workshops Melbourne

“Phil is a true master of his profession, and he is able to teach in a way that is accessible to anyone.
What I learnt will be so beneficial to me in my every day interactions and has given me so much confidence.”

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This workshop will change the way you communicate!

You will learn powerful new ways to communicate in your personal and professional life so that you can quickly get to the bottom of any issue to enable a fast resolution, at the same time enhancing and strengthening the relationship.

This programme is designed for small groups in which EVERY participant learns the skills taught by actually practicing them in the workshop and getting coaching and feedback. Each participant’s real life issues are used as examples for discussion and for practical, hands on learning exercises.

This workshop is NOT about the theory of communication.
The program is NOT about tips and ideas. It’s about HOW to use the skills taught to create positive change in your workplace.

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