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This month’s tip:

Each day take a minute and look into the faces of the people you lead to realise that they are your most important resource.

- Derived from "Leadership and the One Minute Manager".

Leadership Workshops Melbourne

Would you like to improve your leadership skills or those of your team leaders and managers? This programme provides individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve their leadership in any professional team environment.

People are the most determining factor of how successful your organisation will be. This programme will improve the productivity of your business by making your leaders better presenters, communicators and better equipped to resolve issues.

Recent research revealed that 42% of staff experience was that their manager or team leader gave no support, was not interested in their team, did not listen and did not understand the issues their team members face.

This leadership skills training, coaching and mentoring programme will change that.

This isn't the theory of leadership. These are real life skills that staff can implement immediately!


"With any training, it is really good if you're able to apply 15% of what you've learned.

With Phil's workshop, I have already integrated 60% of the topic just by attending and doing the simple homework.

Make sure you get your teams in this training."

Fred Testard, Customer Success Manager, Responsys Pty Ltd,.

Recent research also revealed that two of the five most important employer of choice factors was an organisation that provided sufficient training to its staff and that the management was passionate and engaging to work with.


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By the end of this programme your team leaders will have the following skills, attributes and abilities:

  1. Characteristics of a highly effective leader.
  2. Being a leader people want to follow.
  3. Leading a team towards shared, common goals and objectives.
  4. How to motivate a team.
  5. Delegation that’s a win/win.
  6. Powerful Presentation and Facilitation skills.
  7. Effective and efficient Communication skills.
  8. Feedback and coaching skills to enhance team performance.
  9. How to lead a team in conflict through to a successful resolution.
  10. How to create an inspirational team.


If you want to know more about how I can help your staff become leaders that others want to follow please give me a call and have a chat.


"I find Phil's approach to teaching speaking and leadership skills very practical, straight forward and down to earth. Phil has an easy going nature which makes him a natural as a facilitator as he builds rapport with people quickly and easily."  - Kevin Kosky, Communication Skills Trainer.

"Phil is a trainer that gets the best out of his participants. He is relaxed, encouraging and genuine."  - Natasa Denman, Ultimate Weight Loss founder.

"Hi Phil, I did a course with you back in August and found it fantastic. I did the course because I was applying for a job this term (assistant principal). I got the job during the week and take up the new position in the new year. Very excited. Thanks."  - Claire Rafferty, Assistant School Principal.

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