Extended DISC

Phil schibeci is an Extended DISC® Accredited Consultant and Trainer – an internationally recognised accreditation.

Extended DISC is a simple and very powerful behavioral style analysis tool that is extremely useful in assisting individuals and teams to achieve peak performance. This is achieved by learning the four behavioral styles or personality types that people fall into. Once we are aware of these differences we will not only have more self awareness of how we impact others, we will also realise that if we modify the way we interact and communicate with different people more co-operation and team work will occur leading to better productivity and results.


"This course has enabled me to realise the situations in my work and personal life when it is more effective to listen to a person's needs rather than quickly provide a solution. By doing so and working together towards a solution it keeps both sides happy. The techniques taught in this class are valuable for every person to learn about and hopefully apply in their life."

Tessa Mini, Program Manager, Oracle Pty Ltd.


Phil's clients include:

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