Communication Workshops Melbourne

This is what you will get from this training:

  • Become aware that we all behave and communicate differently.
  • Learn how to talk and listen to anyone!
  • Identify the difference between hearing, listening and UNDERTSTANDING.
  • Understand that HOW you communicate affects the outcome of the interaction.
  • Learn how to focus, and assertively listen when you need to.
  • Become more flexible and adaptable dealing with personal or professional situations.
  • Communicate effectively no matter what the other’s personality or style of communication.
  • Understand the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness.
  • Learn how to avoid saying things that upset others.
  • Learn how to get to the point and have shorter meetings!
  • Learn how to ask questions so you get the answers you want quickly and precisely.
  • Learn how to praise others so they want to do better work.
  • Learn how to give feedback that motivates and inspires employees to be more productive.
  • Learn how to tell people they are doing something you don't like, in a way that doesn't upset them!
  • Be more persuasive and learn how to influence others.
  • Develop a Win, Win approach to conflict so everyone is happy with the result!
  • Learn the 6 steps to resolve any conflict!

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