The Pursuit of Wealth Without Pursuing One's Passion

The pursuit of wealth without pursuing one’s passion is where The Rut Race starts for most people. Most people are in a big hurry to get into a rut by pursuing money without spending any time and effort finding out what really makes them happy.

The following is an extract from an email fromRose Inserra. Rose has helped me with the editing of the book. She sent me this email after she first read a synopsis of my book and I think it sums up what I’m getting at here:

“I felt very connected to your story because I am also a migrant child whose parents are still operating at ‘survival’ level from post war Italy when it comes to work ethics and vocation. They wouldn’t understand the concept of ‘happiness’ in a holistic way. Happiness was and still is tied up with material well being and a unified family. Simple goals. The trouble is that these simple goals can be achieved but at a price. We, as second generation Aussies, don’t want to pay that price because it destroys our souls and fractures our lives.”

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